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When the Spirit Speaks

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

*This is Part I of a blog series on Ways to Develop Your Intuition*

Is there a question that has been lingering on your mind? Or maybe it’s not exactly a question, but more of a general worry?

Like the start of a good idea, a seed of doubt can develop branches within the depths of our brains. As it grows, it threatens to consume and it does not go away. That is, until you address it. 

This is a common phenomenon.

Rather than allowing this worry to take over and create a wave of panic, you can do something about it. Just as you develop strength by going to the gym, there are ways to address the monsters in the corners of our mind and develop intuition in the process. 

Here is what you can do to strengthen your intuition:

  1. Choose a bookstore or library that is easily accessible to you or that you feel called to walk through. This can even be a magazine or newspaper aisle at your local grocery store. However, the more words around you—the better.

  2. Walk aimlessly through the aisle of books and clear your mind of any personal agenda you may have.. However, you can allow your worry to take the form of a specific question. 

  3. Speak this question in your mind silently. You can repeat it again and again or ask with a great deal of passion as you walk through the aisle. 

  4. Allow your eyes or your fingers to gently thumb over the many different titles around you and breathe slowly, as if meditating.

  5. Allow your inhalations  to stretch longer and insert a pause between each breath.

  6. Let your eyes or fingers choose which title to stop at. It can be anything that your body feels naturally attracted to.

  7. Follow that call without question and stop in front of the title(s). Acknowledge the title in front of you and withhold any judgement about it.. Breathe in again and determine if your body wishes to stay in place or look further. Whatever it chooses, it is not wrong.

  8. It might nudge you to open the book or magazine and take a peek. If so, open the title and flip to a random page.

  9. Now read!

  10. If it doesn’t lend insight into your concern, that’s okay. Keep the information that may have resonated with you and go about your day. 

It might take a few tries and several different stores to develop this skill. You are giving yourself an opportunity to explore an idea that is present in your subconscious mind. The internal world is given a means of expression in the real world.

Sometimes, this is all it needs.

Regardless of what kind of answer you receive, the fact that you are taking action towards the worries that plague you is helpful. You are addressing the vague and amorphous fears in a specific way. 

Even if it doesn’t lead to a solution, just the fact that you are doing something about it does wonders for developing your intuition. 

Let me know about your experience!

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